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I think back over the six months since my last post with deep emotions – pretty much all of them – and smiling eyes, because, overall, the changes and experiences have been awesome, the full-of-awe sort of awesome. I am struck with the thought, over and over, that This Is My Life, in the best possible way. My heart has always been nomadic, and I’ve fulfilled that need with books, stories, and other arts. Those things carry my mind and spirit far, and make me think deeply about what it means to be human, and a tiny gear in this big, complex world.

And, to be clear, I have had hints of a nomadic lifestyle. I’ve traveled some, and studied abroad. Oh, the stories. Travel has always felt like condensed life to me, and this chapter of life has just opened to the winding roads and open fields of possibility.

Over the past few months, my Mook Fish and I converted my blue caravan into a cozy, tetris game of a home. We’ve sketched out a path from Michigan to the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota, and onward to Washington and a bit of western Canada, through California, Moab and Grand Canyon area, and south to Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. This first cold, rainy day quietly guided us to the inside world of pumpkin spice and warmth, to reflect upon all the beauty we’ve witnessed along the miles so far. And beauty we have witnessed.

Laughter, hugs, and tears of all varieties have sprinkled this journey thus far. I remember when my grandparents would make a special point to Go Visiting every week, and strengthened the bonds with people they loved with intention and joy. I feel I’ve done a medium good job at honoring their memory in that way for this first bit. To all of you we saw and didn’t get to see, many hugs. I am constantly torn between staying and moving. I don’t think that will ever get easier. And I hope it doesn’t. It is somehow comforting to know and love a lot of different people off doing life in a lot of different ways.

I love to look back at old journals and pictures, and remember life in greater detail than memory alone. Mook and I have decided to document this journey more formally than before, especially with the ugly, hateful politics and such going on. We’re calling this project Vecinos, Neighbors. Sometimes I think much of what we call improvement and development really separates us. Let’s be neighbors, not strangers. And that includes the trees, land, bugs, animals, lakes, rivers, clouds, sunshine, and everyone else. Check out more of this celebration of the beauty of the world, in  art\photography\music video\etc. form at http://www.vecinosfilm.wordpress.com and Vecinos Neighbors on facebook.

Now to let some pictures tell the story.