These wisdoms were shared as Medicine Road spent a profound moment with each of the women in a healing circle, where I was grateful participant. There are times when things that are shared in the circle stay in the circle, and there are times when so much pain exists in the world that the ideas need to be shared out. These resonated with me because either I am, or have been, in situations where these ideas are, or would have been, very helpful. And, of course, all issues are more complicated than I have written down. I just can speak from experience.

It’s not your fault. We always have a choice to be close or far from Creator (also could be read as a place of love/integrity/etc), and if someone hurts you, don’t take the guilt of If Only I Was A Better Person.

I was taught these are only two responses to scary things: fight or flight. But there is also freeze. All can be useful, all can be harmful. And it takes a lot to change the one that was accepted in your household, the one you learned, and the one that may or may not be useful anymore. It takes a lot of effort to change, but it can happen.

We are given gifts. Some of us are sensitive. That hurts a lot. There is a great deal of pain in the world right now. Sometimes we block the sensitive, but if you can’t feel, you can’t do your job. (my addition: sensitives, support each other. There is a lot of beauty that can come from it)

The Bear has taught us many things, and a lot about medicinal plants. Human and Bear bodies use many plants similarly. So, the Bear has been studied, and knowledge has been gained. The Bear is also a Bear, so, to stay safe and uneaten, watch the Bear from a safe radius. Take that as metaphorically as you will.

Fear means we are not currently filled with Creator, and dark bubbles can fill us. Love fills and heals those dark bubbles.

Look at the root of the pain/learned dynamic of dealing with things, and Choose.

Sometimes you have to let go of (perceived) support, even if it’s the only thing you think you have left. Sometimes that (perceived) support is keeping you down.

I always thought being grounded was necessary. But being grounded sometimes makes it harder to Listen. Be able to get back to grounded, but it’s not the only way.

We may feel instantly overwhelmed, and not always know why. There are many energies around, and if you get worried or something similar, they can all rush at you at once, and overwhelm you, sensitive soul. Scent is powerful to bring you back to steady. Burn sage or cedar. I like lavender oil (or, better yet, the flower itself.

Everyone has to.. figure out.. the Love. Say they cause you pain, and you accept that pain because you think you’re helping. You’re actually making it worse, because they’ll have to deal with it later (such as when they’re leaving their body at the end of life, they’ll feel the pain they caused you and the pain you felt afterwards that now has that root).

Choose your partner carefully. Women have internal knowledge of holding space – whether we have children or not. Men can connect with that nurturing aspect. Who do you want to hold your space?

It’s not the outcome, it’s how you walk. We are all given gifts, special talents. Their strength depends on how we carry those gifts.

If you deny love, you have less energy. I get in that mode sometimes, and I see myself doing it, and sometimes it takes a while to figure out, but that’s ok. The darkness has limited energy, and can get you if you’re down. It can keep knocking you down. But get up. Let’s look at our wounds as strength because it means we keep getting up. If they can’t convince you it’s your fault, they’ll go hide.

Your brain eats emotion, the chemicals that are released. If you want to change your thinking, your cycle, your brain will get hungry for what it’s used to eating. It’s just like when we try to change our diets. Your hungry brain tries to put you in a position where it can get that emotion. Perhaps part of this is self-sabotaging behavior. Try changing your brain’s diet for two weeks, and it should get used to its new diet by then.

Other people’s stuff isn’t your burden to bear. Holding space is much different than bearing their burdens.