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We are all influenced by choices made by our predecessors. Some say it goes back seven generations. I maintain it started a bit further back, like Big Bang time, or before. Not necessarily that that was a choice, all perhapses of Creative Influence aside, but that happened and everything since then has brought us to exactly where we find ourselves right now. The waste product of the first cells – oxygen – killed them off, but is a necessary component to the breath of most living things these days. Mitochondria happened. Cells ate cells, and the cells that got eaten persevered, and are now a key component to the energy of living things now. Certain groups of people moved around, claimed space, drew lines, fought over those lines, drew more lines, repeat. A lot has happened.

We are in a powerful place because we are alive right now. We’re making choices that the future will taste. How do we want to flavor that future? I want to make it delicious. I want it to have clean air, clean water, deeply loved land, constructive use of fire/destruction, mindful use of creation/building, and love. Unconditional, beautiful, delicious love.

(Captions for the photos below in sunwise order from the top left: Turtle Watching, Hugs with Peter Yarrow: Supporter of Justice and Love, Look at those Rocks, Big Beautiful World)