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I feel the waves in my body still. Each breath in pulls me backward. Each breath out is like the surf breaking on the shore, stretching me forward in a bubbly roll. Perhaps it’s because I went too deep to check out a shell, though it wasn’t deep enough to take the bright red of its crabby homeowner, and my ears are having difficulty with equilibrium. Perhaps I drank too much salty water and absorbed the ocean into my blood. The tides flow even more in my veins than before. Thanks Moon.

I love goggles. We discovered a murky pink pair hanging on a branch by my favorite lake early on this trip. They were still there a few days later, so we figured they were fair game. They’ve allowed me to discover a whole new world, populated by gills and fins. I thought the sand sweeping back and forth was amazing. I thought a few rocks were spectacular, with fish or two hanging out in the lee of the stone. Then coral happened, and a ray, and whole schools, and the constant sound of nibbling that’s a lot like static. Love.

We spent yesterday, Thanksgiving Day – a genocidal holiday in USA that I’ve struggled with after I really thought about it, and have since used it as an excuse to get together with people I love (my heart to MI family!), and do things that make beauty manifest – snorkeling the magical coral reefs of Mazunta, Oaxaca, Mexico, and playing word games to increase our Spanish vocabulary. I am immensely thankful for this country that doesn’t deserve the reputation it tends to have in USA. We are such close neighbors. We have a complicated history. We have a complicated present. Both countries have such great and glorious aspects. I know people from both sides of the border who are hesitant to traverse that line. There are stories. There are truths. There are misconceptions. And above all, there is some very rich – muy rica – Awesome to be shared. I’m not talking money riches, to be clear, because I am not a great fan of money. I’m talking experiences.

Here’s to boldness, and following that heart-call. Here’s to loved ones close and far, and those who have left their corporeal bodies. Here’s to creating beauty, and having intention in every moment. To coconuts on the beach, and scarves in the snow. To handmade gifts and live music. To fresh water, clean air, loved land. To the things that bring us closer together in this infinitely expanding universe. Much love.