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I’m afraid of more things than I can name. Some of them are well-founded and logical, like the current state of politics in USA, the country of my roots, where so many people I love dearly live. Too many people are having basic human rights stripped. Too much physical, mental, and emotional torture is legitimized by recent political choices. Too many people defend broken integrity and injustice, whether out of their own fear, ignorance, or whatever reason. And it makes me scared. Not knowing what to do makes me scared. Feeling overwhelmed, either from not knowing what to do, bad time management, or to I many choices, makes me scared. The dog on the hill that barks with a strong hint of snarl makes me scared. Dirty water, polluted air, and messed up land makes me scared. The Unknown makes me scared. The list goes on.

I turn useless when the fear hits. I hate to be useless, especially when we have such a short time (compared to eternity) to do something useful, and support the beauty of the world.

So, I’ll talk about beauty, and love instead. I love putting seeds and cuttings of plants in soil to see what will grow. I love dangling shiny beads from sticks to catch the light. I love love love Taco Tuesdays that have started up, the rotating potluck where everyone brings a topping, and laughter and friendship rule the evening. I love the market, where local farmers sell their delicious produce, and you can watch the camaraderie of people sharing lunch together. I love being able to walk anywhere in town, and not use stinky gas. I love when the street kitten with one eye pokes his head up to the window, asking politly for breakfast. I love volunteering at local gardens\farms. I love that there is a storytime event coming up at one of those gardens, and I’ll be able to read to children. I love them scent of lavender. I love that a song can change the entire day.

So, when I’m scared, I try to remember the things I love. Sometimes I make a list of a few (see above ^____^) because those are things I can do something about. I’d much rather be overwhelmed with things I love than things I fear. Here’s to the love!