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I heard a piece of lore at the Southeast Wise Women’s Conference last year. The goddess saw her husband and sons coming to kill her, so she broke herself into millions of pieces and hid inside the women of the lands. She will be whole again, and powerful, when women everywhere unite. Today, on every single continent, women have united in love and solidarity. I am grateful to be alive at this time, to be able to witness and be a part of these events.

However, I did not march today. I was at a farmer’s market in Antigua, Guatemala when I learned of the march that happened today in parke central. A friend showed me pictures of the women with linked arms, and I was momentarily stunned because I thought I would have heard about something so monumental going on in the town I’ve been in for the last month. My friend reported roughly 130 women standing together. I wished I would have been there. But since I was elsewhere, my resolve to add to the movement strengthened.

I hope the people who marched today, and others who didn’t, feel similarly. Much more needs to be done in many more ways to increase the aggregate justice, integrity, beauty of the world. Keep strong. And know you are loved and appreciated.

One thing I have wanted to do, now with increased resolve, is to host a Red Tent. I read the book by that same name a few months ago, and have attended several Red Tents. The time of the flow of our Moon Cycle used to be a time of honor. It was understood that women are most prophetic during those few days. We would gather, and feast, tell each other raunchy jokes, and listen to our innermost thoughts. We did not have to deal with all the mundane crap that currently makes us a bit murderous. It was wonderful.

Then, we were thought of as unclean. All that gross blood. Bleh. And so we were tossed out of the way, shunned because we have wombs that clean themselves up every month.

Now, we ignore it. We call it silly or insulting names. We make products that let us go about life as ‘normal’, while often hating every moment. We, as the civilized people we pretend to be, make PMS jokes, and scoff at any woman feeling anything different than commercial happy smiley. I’m not the only one who is fed up with all that.

Our Moon Time tends to be a dreaded time, rather than the special, sacred time it should be. In my own little local way, I will put energy toward returning the sacredness. Women are all on different Moon Cycles these days, but the next New Moon is coming up. That’s enough time to … not plan anything … and invite some ladies over for snacks, laughs, and make vagina pendants or something.

Disclaimer: this is not an attack on men. It’s meant to be part of a discussion on a piece of the puzzle of injustice. I know many, many, menny, stand up men who are all about equality, liberty, and justice for all. All. ALL. I know some women who are more about the oppression of women than those men.

In my perfect world, we’d all just get together and hug it out. But this is a real world, and a lot of stuff needs to be worked out. Let’s work it out. Let’s talk about it and face the uncomfortable thoughts and prejudices with as much grace as we can. Let’s listen to each other to hear what needs to be said, with open ears, not to block and blindly reply. Let’s listen. True listening makes all that violence that happens when important issues are ignored unnecessary. What do you hope to see? What will you do?

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