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Today I gather myself together and set the energy of ideas in motion. We are always in an in-between place. It’s called the present, and it’s situated nicely between the past and the future. I sit here among sacred Ceiba trees, listening to the variety of languages floating around the hostel that has become my temporary home for the week, and contemplate what ideas I would like to put energy toward.

I’ve started writing a second novel. My first one was for the forest and for me. My soul needed soothing. My voice needed to be empowered. Both feel wonderful. The Ceibas help. This second one comes from a story that is knocking at the door of my imagination. At least, it is knocking harder than the many others that want to be told. I feel them there. And I will write as many as the length of my life will allow.

Here’s to anyone who puts their heart and soul into their art. Thank you.

What else do I want to put my energy toward? In addition to doing things with my life, I want to sit back and feel that I have life. I want to spend time every day feeling the blood flow through my veins, the air on my skin and in my lungs, the vibration of sound in my vocal chords- sometimes as language and sometimes as songs of love and gratitude, to flow where they will, around stones and trees and lunch. I will spend this energy listening to myself and the world around me. I will also seek places where I can hear sounds other than people sounds, which are often nice, but there are lots of other sounds to hear.

Here’s to the listeners.

Where else do I want my energy to be? To the sacred. To the sacred of everyday life. I will be present with my food, the stuff that makes my cells. I will be present with others of my species and all species. I will see how I aeffect the world around me, and choose consciously from there. That, I feel, creates sacred moments. I will also spend time to appreciate sacred moments and spaces others have created. My gratitude to anyone who does, has, or will.

Here’s to the sacred and all that that may mean.

I know that putting too much energy toward too many ideas slows things down (though, I do love slow). So. Try to keep the list short, and rework it as needed. Art. Mediataion. Sacred. What else?

As always, from lists before, love, life, joy, health, healing.

Ok. This is good for now. Back to listening to the Ceibas. Be well. Oh, here are some photos. Guatemala.