For me, gratitude is the fastest way to pick myself out of a funk, to shake out crust and dust from my spirit, and fill it with creative sparkles. To put love in front of the disgusting and embarrassing choices that cause and perpetuate pain.

Thank you, Sun, for giving life to my greenest friends, and my greenest friends for giving life to me. Thank you, Water, for your soothing touch. We’ll continue to work hard to protect you, you necessary component of life. I put my intentions out the universe. Let me be filled with creative storytelling, from heart and soul, and let my heart and soul be healed and shiny in order to bring forth stories of beauty, love, and strength, to lift our hearts if they may fall to the ground. Let me dance among the misty shores and swaying grasses, along the mighty boughs that have escaped saws and wild winds and gravity. Let me sing to the sky all that is in my heart, not words that I’ve heard with my ears, but that I hear from a deep well inside of me.

Thank you, Stories, for staying with me while I ignore you in the name of trying to keep balance in my life. Like a brilliant and close friend says, do what you have to do just enough so you can do what you want. Hopefully, what I want to do (write and illustrate Stories) will one day be enough.

Thank you, dear Reader. What inspires gratitude in you?